Thursday, March 1, 2012


What? A Mid-week post? I bet you are wondering if I am even working over here!
We had a busy day today…several new admissions with some really sick people. I have seen more typhoid here than I ever anticipated, and I have seen the consequences of a late detection of a typhoid perforation. I will write more about those patients in posts to come.
My heart today really goes out to the children at the local orphanage. Most of the children there are missing their father but do have a mother. The mothers really can’t care for them, so they will go to the orphanage during the day where they will be fed. They then go home for the night time. The children were so sweet. When they saw our car arrive, they all came running over and were hugging us and holding our hands. We played games and had a little Bible story time. Some of the girls wanted to sing some songs for us, and they sang the most precious Christian songs I’ve ever seen.
We did discover that somehow the orphanage does not have any more money. I don’t know much about the situation…who is in charge or how such a thing happens. Long story short, the kids were about to be sent home with no supper at all and with no prospect of a meal tomorrow. With nothing else to buy or cook, we rushed back to town to buy loaves of bread to break and feed them. It is just not something that we think about. Even working in the hospital here, I have seen even very poor people with things to eat for meals…even if it is mushed corn porridge (Tizet).
Please pray for these sweet little children, that their tummies will feel full and we can help the orphanage to ensure they will have a means to eat in the months to come. 

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